Nglanggeran the beautifull hills

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Nglanggeran Hills are hills at Gunungkidul Residence that has beautiful view. This hills placed at the north side of Gunungkidul Residence in direction of Klaten Residence, Middle Java. This place was not far away from the center of Yogyakarta City. It’s about 20km to the southeast from Yogyakarta City. When we go there, we can through curving street with beautiful hills scene. Before we arrive to Nglanggeran Hills, at the hills area at Pathuk Subdistrict, we have viewed with beautiful scene of Yogyakarta City like in Puncak-Bogor-West Java.

beautifull hills

beautifull hills

When we arrive in a crossroad not far away from Old Pathuk Village Office, we must turn left, pass through small road around 6 km for reach Nglanggeran Hills. Before we reach Nglanggeran Hills we presented some TV transmitter tower and some cellular operator antenna at the edge of this small road. After we arrive at Tawang Crossroad, we must turn right follow small road as far as 2 km and we arrived at the bottom of Nglanggeran Hills.

Pendopo Kalisong

Pendopo Kalisong

At the bottom of Nglanggeran Hills, there are so many big stone spread. Some big stones bigger than a house and elephants. Between the big stone there is a house like a public building. This public building used as traditional ritual/ceremony place. As some villager said, we can park our vehicle at the village near the hill. We only paid Rp2000 for park a motorbike and Rp5000 for park a car for along day. Through that village we can start climb the hill pass through small footstep to aim Nglanggeran Hills. It is not long time to reach the top of the hills. The distance of hill climbing around 2,5 km for parking area and it can reach only in 1,5 hours.

During climbing the hills we presented leafy trees and sedimentary rock formation at the edge of footstep. The leafy trees make the ambience more chilly. And when we reach the top of the hills we will be impressed. Beautiful nature scene can viewed from here. The road bendeds like snakes, wet rice fields like green ladder and trees spread out area like green beautiful carpet. At the top of this hills we can see Wonosari City surroundings by the green hills. We also can enjoy the fresh air, composure and peacefully.


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